Journey to Whole-Ness

My Story

I’m a spiritual being, committed to a deep heal through a holistic lifestyle, sharing some of whats aided me on this journey. Centered and close to nature with a simple, minimalist, daily life, I remember and restore a healthier pace. I offer an energy conscious, Lomi Lomi style massage, using Ho’oponopono mantra and my signature herbal oil blend. I teach yoga and meditation. The yoga I guide is a feel-good fusion of many types with some Qi gong influence, led by the rhythm of your breath. I study the world’s ancient wisdoms, plant medicine and nutrition with a devotion to sacred practices and ultimate truth. My intention is to continue to learn, shift patterns of conditioning and share this healthy goodness to raise the collective consciousness for the greater good of all.

I’ve been in tune with my spirituality from a young age. Growing up practicing catholicism, seventh grade sociology studies of world’s religions, absolutely fascinated me, and a spiritual cultivation began within. Motherhood came early to me and life got pretty chaotic for a number of years. Three children, several failed relationships, a barage of medical problems eventually brought me to an awakening. I came to yoga, like so many others, full of dis-ease (auto-immune illness, depressed) and making unhealthy choices. One day I decided to try a yoga class with a friend. That class is when the awakening moved through my mind and body. I always thought of Yoga as something I would never be able to do and to my amazement, I could actually do it.

I continued to practice for a while, fell off briefly and quickly found my way back everytime. I’ve had a few physical setbacks that require many modifications to my postures, but this practice became the essential part of my life for symmetry and balance. The connection you feel when your on the mat; the mind, the body, and the soul trifecta. This ultimately led me onto a much deeper, spiritual and holistic path. I have been practicing yoga for several years now, becoming a certified instructor in the spring of 2015. Since then, I’ve taught in group, private and corporate settings. I continue to be committed to self evolution. I’m still disabled and there’s still good and bad days. What I’ve learned through this practice is that even among Dis-Ease there is growth. Wellness is not perfection but a perfect balance between natural ease, unrest and who we are in our own Sacred Spirituality.

The yoga I guide is a holistic fusion of different styles to explore, learn and listen to your body’s needs and apply what you already know, in healing it. Breath work and meditation to allow open flow in the mind creates soft gentle transitions through postures and connection to your highest self. Teaching is my way of honoring our creator and the lineage of teachers before me.

My intention is to always be a student and guide each person divinely placed on my path, to hold sacred space, to honor their light, nurture their spirit and to teach peace on the journey to total mind/body/soul health.


Holistic Wellness

A shift occurred when my primary physician suggested I try alternative modalities in healing. I began studying plant medicine to ween myself off prescribed pharmaceuticals. I researched the intended function of each of the, at one point, 25 medications doctors had me on, what body functions and organs were being targeted. I ended my visits to the doctors offices and began talking with herbalists and learning the plant alternatives. In 2016, I received a positive lyme test and was introduced to the book ‘Healing Lyme’ by Stephan Harrod Buhner. I started growing some herbs and making my own medicines, following some of his protocol. I’ve since tested negative for lyme, and have been prescription free for about a decade.
A large piece of my healing journey was accepting and committing to the responsibility of my shadow work. After nearly eighteen years I realized the impact that my breast implants had made on my being, physically, mentally, emotionally. I felt it absolutely necessary to have them removed as soon as possible.
I brought breast implant illness awareness to my family practice physician, and quickly received support and even Medicare/Medicaid coverage for the explant surgery in 2017. I am still detoxing their effects in my body. I have managed to balance the heavy metal toxicity piece of the silicone poisoning though.