Bodywork and Massage

Release the Issues in the Tissues

Come Back to Center

When imbalances occur in our energy fields they may show up as sensitivities, fatigue, dis-ease and pain.
We could treat the symptoms, but if we don’t bring our whole self into balance the symptoms will be reoccurring. This is where the trifecta comes into play; mind, body, spirit. To practice movement and awareness in the physical, while settling the mind with breath attunement, we align our spirits.

Also known as the ‘loving hands’ massage, this traditional Hawaiian massage works gently yet deeply into the muscles with continuous, flowing strokes, allowing the recipient to relax and give in to the nurturing touch.

$1.00 per minute

Chinese Ear Candling is a safe, effective, and painless procedure used to remove earwax, pollen, sinus congestion, ringing of the ears, ear infection, headaches, migraines, and hearing problems. 


Cupping Therapy creates a negative pressure suction over the twisted bundles of the Trigger Points, breaking up the adhesions, painlessly and without the discomfort of force.


Point Zero is the ear point that brings the entire body into balance. It balances energy, brain activity, and hormones. It gives energy and at the same time it calms anxiety and has a relaxing effect even on muscles.